1. Pick a Style, Size and Colour of Monument
Size and style of monument are typically regulated by the cemetery. We can contact the cemetery on your behalf to ensure the monument you have selected is acceptable.

2. Choose a Design
We have many design ideas for you to look at, or create your own unique design.

3. Layout Process
Once we have your  ideas we will design and send a few layouts for you to look at. From here you can select a layout for your monument, or request changes as you wish.

4. Design Approval
Once you have chosen a design we will confirm with the cemetery that the monument is acceptable, and if there are any setting fees still owing (if so we can usually pay these on your behalf). After we get the go-ahead from the cemetery we will send you a ’final layout’ with your selected design as well as an invoice. It is at this point that we require a deposit.

4. Production and Delivery
When the marker is completed we can send you a photo if you wish. The marker is then delivered to the cemetery works. If West Coast Monuments is installing the marker, it is delivered and installed in the cemetery.